At Iodo, we specialize in producing advanced drug carriers using our state-of-the-art, patented chemical plant. By leveraging our innovative technology and expertise, we provide top-quality solutions that enhance the efficacy and safety of therapeutic treatments.

Our history

Our team is comprised of experts who have studied and worked in various scientific fields, including supercritical CO2 technology, industrial plant engineering, and information technologies. Thanks to these interdisciplinary skills, we are able to develop innovative, high-quality supplements using advanced and sustainable processes to ensure the maximum health benefits for our customers.

Our approach

Our structured process ensures that every product we create meets the highest standards of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Initial discussion

Our approach begins with an in-depth discussion phase, where we explore the product idea and define the objectives. This initial dialogue allows us to fully understand the client’s needs and expectations.

Study and validation phase

Next, we move into a study phase, conducting a small-scale production to validate the recipe and ensure the product’s quality. This phase is crucial to ensure the product meets the desired standards before moving forward.

Full-Scale production

If the study and validation phase is successful, we proceed to full-scale production according to the client’s specifications. This structured process allows us to deliver high-quality products that meet our clients’ expectations.

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